Saturday, December 29, 2012


Finally!!! We've been waiting all year for Christmas!!!
Christmas eve I had my parents over for some fajitas and then we made cookies for Santa.
The girls asked Santa for bikes.

Santa delivered.

The Lalaloopsy's were a hit, thanks grandma!

Oo la la!

Very lovely.

Savannah got lots of Rapunzel stuff, which is great because she loves Rapunzel!

Santa left crumbs and Savannah was ecstatic!

"He is real!" says Savannah.

While Mia tested out her Stompeez, Savannah and Jeremy headed outside to test out the new bike.

I got some coolio stuff too. My parents got me some weapons. This knife is sharp, just ask my mom and her two sliced fingers.

I also got a gun with a gun safe. Please don't sneak into my house, people, I am armed and dangerous. Like, for reals.
The kids are so sad it's over.
Oh and I eventually got Mia on her bike.

Bring on the new year, baby!!!!


Staceygirl said...

I wish you had brought some cookies for Santa over to our house. Looks like the girls got lots of good stuff... except those dud stompeez... haha. Maybe next year you'll get some that work like the ones in the commercial!! :)

Kathy said...

Adorable. I love kids and Christmas. You guys did good!